Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Season Wrap

Our boy's regular lacrosse season is over. We made a respectable showing with a record of 6-3.
We have the B.O.L.T. Tournament this weekend with 3 games Sunday. Next weekend we have the Annapolis Father's Day Tournament which is 6 games over 2 days.
We had some talented kids and some mediocre kids...we had some polite and cooperative kids and some side-line eye-rollers ...we had a defenseman try to stage a Mutiny over the Fast Break Slide....we had a rookie goalie who did a great job with the exception of one meltdown. As always, it was a fun time to spend with these kids and "give back" to the game. We are excited for the 2 Tournaments to close out the Spring and glad we had this time to and enjoy the great game of Lacrosse.

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