Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boxing Update

There was some drama this week in the Philadelphia Boxing world. A fight card was scheduled for this Friday at The Arena in South Philadelphia. The boxer I manage was slated for a 6 round bout against Manuel Guzman. Everything was set and I had friends and clients lined up to enjoy the evening in the private box.
However, the Promoter and the Manager of the venue became embroiled in some contractual dispute over ticket proceeds from the last event. It seems they could not reach an agreement and the fights were cancelled.
Fortuitously, barely 10 minutes after I received news of the cancellation, another promoter was on the phone inquiring as to whether my fighter would contract for the same fight on July 9th in Atlantic City. The July 9th event features Mike Jones defending his Welterweight title and is a much bigger platform for my guy. We agreed to the bout without hesitation.
My fighter is thrilled with this change as he will be showcased on a better card before a much larger crowd at Boardwalk Hall in A.C.
The buzz around local gyms is that I am a connected manager since I was able to arrange a quick contract for my guy...when all the other fighters scheduled to fight on the cancelled card are out of luck and justifiably angry.
So, what could have been a major dissapointment has turned into an opportunity....and if Butler can get a win in A.C. it will improve his career path considerably....

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M.Lane said...

That was a great piece of luck! I can't wait for an update after the bout.