Monday, June 7, 2010

Sports Injuries

Great start to the weekend with the events at Devon on Friday and the Flyer's victory. Things began to deteriorate thereafter. On Saturday I was playing in a Squash Tournament at Germantown Cricket Club. Halfway thru the second match I was charging toward the front wall to return a shot. I felt a pop in my left calf. It literally felt like the ball had hit my leg...which was what I thought.But how could the ball hit me in the back of the calf when it was bouncing off the front wall? The sharp pain in my calf answered that query.
It seems I sustained a partial tear in a calf muscle. So much for the Match...had to forfeit and go ice the injury. I was fairly aggravated. Throughout all the years I played Lacrosse and got bashed around...and bashed others around...and throughout years of skiing with some pretty bad spills and years of squash....I never sustained an injury that interfered with my locomotion. So this nagging calf injury has caused a nice limp. I called a Doctor buddy who is an Orthopedic Surgeon and he said to simply ice it for a few days and eat some Ibuprofen.... it'll be OK in a few weeks. I stayed off it for most of the rest of the weekend...but said ambulatory malfunction did not preclude a trip to a Belmont Stakes cocktail party Saturday at 5 p.m., or a Barbecue dinner at a friend's Farm after the Race....followed by a late night visit to Roache & O'Brien for some beers with the boys...perching on a barstool qualifies as resting the afflicted lower extremity in the Sportsman's treatment regimen. Miraculously, after administering various types and portions of liquid anti-inflammatories...I was surprisingly unconcerned about my recent muscular trauma.
Sunday evening featured a poor result for the our beloved Flyers. After an incredible game Friday night to even the series at 2 games each...the boys went down hard last night. It was a depressing 1st period and did not get much better. So we hope Wednesday's game is a win...leading to a Game 7....
My left wheel feels better already...this a.m. my flexibility and movement is increased..


ADG said...

CAUTION my friend. That's a tricky injury. The soleus muscle upon which the calf sits might also be invovled. If not, you are lucky...if it too has been pulled, ruptured, the healing journey is a bitch. I've been managing a chronic calf-soleus issue for years now. If you don't let these things heal thoroughly, you'll reinjure this thing in no time. I learned this the hard way. Be careful.

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