Friday, February 22, 2013

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

This quote from "Jaws" seems apt when one views the photo of the monstrous Blue Marlin hauled in by British fisherman Kevin Gardner. Marlin is the Cadillac of big game fish...chased by the likes of Ernie Hemingway from his boat, the Pilar out of Havana,Cuba and Tred Barta off Puerto Rico. Placing himself in this lofty brotherhood, Gardner caught this magnificent fish off Ascension Island...a little dollop of land about half-way between the Brazilian Coast and Equatorial Guinea on the Western Horn of Africa. To really shake things up regarding this record catch, this was the Brit's first time fishing for Blue marlin. This 1320 pound behemoth took about 3 hours to bring in the boat. One can only imagine the thrill and excitement on the deck...and then on the dock...when this beast was captured and then weighed. Sportsmen everywhere are in awe of this news and tip the collective hat to this now World Class angler. Well done Kevin, I'd buy you a pint of Bass Ale to celebrate if I saw you in the Pub!

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