Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great Advice Joe

          Joe really is a half-wit..and these young ladies were not properly taught. 


James said...

I sure hope Mrs Bidden doesn't touch off ole Betsy off the porch and hit one of the dozen's of Federal agents assigned to protect her. Once again "Foot in mouth " Joe has shown how many anti-gun folks are just ignorant about the subject. Hmm... I can see the defense now "I'm sorry I accidently shot my neighbor, I was just doing what Joe said to do"

Bear said...

Hell, when my cousin was a scrawny-assed 60-pound 10-year-old, she could shoot a 12-gauge with magnum loads (as well as any rifle or handgun) and not even think about gettin' knocked on her ass. A little training goes a long way.

brohammas said...

IMHO, the gun control discussion is for the most part ridiculous on both sides.
What this video shows me is
A) Joe is a knucklehead.
B) obviously arming everyone is not a great idea either. I would hate to be anywhere near these happy gun owners while they try to defend themselves.

Guns and reason should be best friends.

I'm all for gun ownership but really, this video displays that there is a deep lack of training or appreciation of how much of a responsability firing a weapon is.