Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion Week

I assume my readers...all 11 of them...know it is unlikely that I will be found in some NYC venue sitting beside a runway drooling over suits  that look 3 sizes too small for the wearer. My clothes selections run toward Brooks Brothers suits for my professional days and Cabela's or L.L. Bean or even Duck Commander for my field pursuits.When not working or chasing game I am most comfortable in a pair of Lee jeans, a cotton button down and a Timberland fleece vest with some Bean loafers or Ariat cowboy kicks down below.
Nevertheless, as nod to Fashion Week, I offer these Orvis pants embroidered with Pheasants. I scored them on Ebay  a while back for a price that would make the Affordable Wardrobe guy jealous. A few bucks for tailoring...narrowing and tapering the legs and adjusting the seat...and these heavy cotton bird-adorned beauties were ready for the Lodge.
I recently sported these slacks at an end-of season cocktail party  for one of the shooting clubs to which I belong. It was no fashion Week Runway but the like-minded audience certainly commented with approval.


M.Lane said...

Love them! I bought some green cords with embroidered santas at a Brooks Bros sale for Christmas and my son [15] said, aghast, "you aren't actually going to WEAR those are you?"



James said...

Extreme approval!