Thursday, February 21, 2013

310 Years

 You can have your G&T's. When it is time for a crisp, lime-laced and refreshing cocktail...I will reach for the Rum from Barbados. Today Mount Gay celebrates 310 years of providing this delicious sugar-based distilled spirit to the Rum enthusiast. In addition,Mount Gay as a companyt has been stalwart in support of sailing regattas and events world-wide.
Rum is steeped in a history as rich in flavor as a Planter's Punch. Rum was central to the triangular trade between the New World, Europe and Africa. Yes, there is the nasty part involving the slave trade but that is a topic for another discussion.
 Rum was distilled in the Colonies and used to purchase manufactured goods.Rum helped fuel the American revolution. Rum was provided to sailors in the Royal Navy as part of rations until the mid-20th century. Don Corleone made a fortune running molasses to Canada for Rum production  with Hyman Roth.Even Fredo suggested a Rum and Coke to his guests in Cuba in "Godfather II." Well, Fredo did not fare so well in the end. But with a Mount Gay and Tonic in hand, the Rum fan will fare much better. Salutations to Mount Gay for longevity and a fine product!

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Anonymous said...

In Babrbados most locals and those in the know drink Cockspur.