Sunday, February 3, 2013

Christmas Village

 The Christmas Market, or Christkindlmarket, has roots in the late Middle Ages in Germany. In towns such as Nuremberg, Farmers would augment their income in the Winter Season by setting up shops in the center of town and selling food and crafts and hand made ornaments. For the past several years, the City of Philadelphia has staged a Christmas Village, opening after Thanksgiving and running until just after Christmas.
 This year, my wife hopped a train into the City to meet me at the office. The Christmas Village is across the street from my building and covers the entirety of J.F.K. Plaza. J.F.K. Plaza is also known as "Love Park" for the iconic LOVE statue featured there. This artwork is the sight of a constant stream of tourists and visitors having there photo taken. The scene is a wonderful blend of festive spirit and Urban creativity.

 In the shadow of City hall, the Christmas Village is filled with stalls selling gifts and crafts and food. It is easy to get nearly all of one's Christmas Shopping done in one afternoon. My daughter took the train home from school and met my wife and I and the two of them knocked off most of their evidenced by the bags.
Meanwhile, I enjoyed this street performer. he was playing excellent Baroque guitar music. I chatted with him briefly and he played a piece from Corelli, one of my favorite composers.We stopped at the Village commissary and enjoyed a German inspired lunch of Weiss-wurst, Kraut, fresh baked pretzels and Strudel, washed down with some delicious German beer. We departed for home with renewed Christmas spirit inspired by the renaissance of this tradition.

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