Monday, May 21, 2012

Race Weekend

It was a beautiful day at the races. We enjoyed G&T's, cold beer,Bloodys and hot horses. The menu was cold fried chicken, turkey club tea sandwiches and pate'. The first race was a real barn burner...on the first jump from start there were falls. Indeed, one horse, Out of the Ghetto, was injured and had to be put down...a tragic loss and one reminder of the danger and risk of this form of racing. It is not all Mimosas and pretty hats....jockeys can be gravely injured and horses can face euthanasia.

On the brighter side of this first race, the brother of my hunting buddy was the winning owner. Michael Moran's Staying Irish bred, took the finish in an exciting race.

None of my later picks of the day were very accurate. But my wife and I had a wonderful time with friends. The Preakness was an stirring bit of flat track deja vu.

Coming up we have the Indy 500, The Greatest Spectacle In Racing" and the highly competitive Devon Horse Show. Indeed, next Thursday finds the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team hopefuls jumping in the Devon Gran Prix. I need to slog through this week and some court appearances to get to the weekend with some serious dog training in between.

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Pigtown*Design said...

ugh about the horse being put down. that's the sad side of racing.

do you ever read any of dick francis's books? they're excellent for behind the scenes information on jump jockeys.

and the preakness was brilliant this year, too bad the winner's trainer is so ghastly.