Monday, May 14, 2012

Lehigh drops 10-9 heartbreaker to Maryland in NCAA Tourney

It was an unusual way to spend Mother's day....but my wife and I took the kids up to Lehigh to watch the first round of NCAA lacrosse tournament against my wife's alma mater Univ. of Maryland. She was actually cheering for Lehigh and wearing Lehigh her alumni allegiance has been dulled by her husband's dedication to the Brown and White.

Earlier in the day we let Mom sleep late and then prepared a brunch of fresh bagels, salmon, whitefish,fruit salad,pork roll and baked raisin pecan French toast. My mother joined us on the patio and with the help of some fine weather and Vivaldi and Boccherini CD's (purchased for .50 each at the Saturday Church Fair) we enjoyed a splendid late morning. My Mother's day gift was a complete detailing of my wife's Suburban....I dropped it at the detail shop Saturday and picked it up looking brand new ....that was what she wanted!

We departed for the Lehigh sports complex at about 6 P.M. and arrived at the game in perfect timing for the 7:30 start. Not a traditional Mother's Day evening but my wife thoroughly enjoyed watching top-notch Div. I college lacrosse....she watchs our son's games with me and watched me play for many years as well.

It was a great game with a sad outcome...I will let the video below tell the story.


hawkeye315 said...

Caught the game on TV. Great season for Lehigh. Program has come a long way and should be a strong contender next year.

James said...

Sad day for the Engineers.You might consider keeping that wife of yours for awhile.