Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day

The weekend that kick's off the Summer mood for most of us. I enjoy watching the Indianapolis 500..."the greatest spectacle in racing." There will be some poolside lounging and some time spent at the Devon Horse Show watching serious equestrians, young and old, compete over scary jumps in the Dixon Oval. There will be cook-outs and yard work and perhaps a movie...we want to see "Crooked Arrows" the film about a lacrosse team. There will be great NCAA lacrosse on TV as well...the finals from Foxborough, Mass.

AMC offers a whole weekend of good war movies also. Which brings us to the point. This weekend is about honoring the brave souls who were cut in half by MG42 fire at Normandy or froze their feet off (literally) at Valley Forge or died of dysentery in Andersonville or were blinded by shell fragments at Belleau Wood. My associate Mike is a Civil War re-enactor. His unit will place over 1500 American Flags on veterans graves this Sunday. That is a Memorial Day activity to be lauded.


sofa slipcovers said...

Memorial Day
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RulingPart said...

I enlisted with Clinton and got out just before Monica, so the most action I ever saw was jumping a tank berm with a Humvee. Broke the axle! I've always felt guilty about that. I think I'm the first guy in my line who hasn't been to war since my great great grandfather, and HIS dad was in the Civil War.

Beth Dunn said...

My son is dying to see that lax movie. My grandfather died at Normandy. So much to be grateful for