Friday, May 4, 2012

Derby Bets and Booze and Boxing

The icy sheen of a Julep cup is an inviting image at any Derby party. Any drink that features Bourbon, simple syrup,mint and shaved ice is so classic as to deserve its fame and its sliver vessel. However, some people do not like or cannot handle this genteel mix of Whiskey and Mint, and others may like it but cannot persevere over a 10 race card drinking the hard stuff.
Also, being in May, the Derby party can often be one hot afternoon.
For an option, beside the obvious long haul choice of ice cold beer, I submit a Planter's Punch. A refreshing and delicious Caribbean concoction of Myers's Dark Rum, Pineapple juice, Orange Juice, Lime and a splash of Grenadine. The betting Sportsman can have several and still focus on his tip-sheet or racing form deep into the afternoon and up to the 6:25 post for the big race.

As for betting, I have a geographic and sentimental bias for Union Rags. This horse is owned by a DuPont descendant who married a Wyeth and thus is steeped in the fabric of Southern Chester County racing tradition. Owned by Phyllis Wyeth of Chadd's Ford farm, we Keystone Staters hope for another Derby win from a home favorite. Mrs. Wyeth also had a strong career as a Steeplechase Jockey so we applaud her for that part of her resume and like her all the more as an owner.

Like Barbaro before him, Rags is trained by Michael Marz and has a good shot at this track and distance. Seems the other bettors think so as well:Union Rags is the second favorite at 4-1 today.

Moving on to boxing, Saturday night offers the great match-up between Mayweather and Cotto.
It will cost you $69.99 to buy pay-per-view...but it should be worth it for a quality 12 round bout. The undercard is likely to be damn entertaining as well with Sugar Shane Mosely facing Alvarez....experienced vet versus up and coming youth. I am picking Mayweather to best Cotto by decision and betting Union Rags across the board with some exotics combining Dullahan and Take Indy. I like Kent Desourmeaux and Borrel likes to win at Churchill.
So pour a drink and settle in for a great Saturday of sporting.

P.S. We will bite our nails during Sunday's Flyers/Devils playoff after last night's OT loss...and the NCAA lacrosse tournament schedule will be announced Sunday so we will see how Lehigh makes out in the match-ups.


Pigtown*Design said...

mum had a big bet on union rags (she loves michael matz) and was deeply disappointed.

RulingPart said...

his is a hell of a good post.

RulingPart said...

-Typed while a 3 year old was mauling me... splling!

JMW said...

I placed a bet on Union Rags as well - great horse and when I learned who the owner was, it made for an even greater story. Will be cheering for I'll Have Another at the Preakness, though, in hopes of a Triple Crown. The drink you feature there sounds fabulous - could have gone for something like that on Saturday in the heat and humidity. Cheers!