Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Play-Off Hockey

I have stated it before: There is no better spectator sport than the NHL Stanley Cup Play-Offs. Here in the Quaker City, home of the Broad Street Bullies ( a moniker completely at odds with Quaker tenets)we have a dazzling series going on. Our Flyers have a 3 game lead and the games have featured spectacular come from behind wins, overtime wins and a unusually busy penalty box. The play-offs rarely have this level of pugilism and bad blood. However, this inter-Penna. series has shown some really ugly fights, cheap shots and mayhem.

Perhaps the most conspicuous incident was no-talent Aran Asham cross checking Schenn in the throat and then punching him when Schenn fell to the ice. We should see fines/suspensions from the league for that little episode of sleazy goonism. Certainly over the years the Flyers have been accused of goonish tactics...hence the Bully tag.... but generally things tone down in the play-offs and the focus is on end-to-end play and winning...not chippy play leading to power plays and blown leads.
The series resumes tomorrow night here in Philly and I ardently hope the Flyers win and send the cross state rivals, and their talented but whiny captain back to Steel Town to clean out their lockers.

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Main Line Sportsman said...

Update-Asham was given a 4 game suspension by the NHL as a result of the above described incident.