Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter With Hunting Dogs

Happy Easter....Enjoy the ham and the Masters....the chocolate bunny butt and first weekend of baseball....the delicious Lamb and the mild weather.
Unless Passover is your gig...then enjoy the matzoh and the beautiful ritual of Seder...along with select items from the above list.


JMW said...

Happy Easter to you and yours! Yes, spring is here, as are some wonderful events. We'll be catching some of The Masters between egg hunts and treats. Before we know it, Derby will be here!

RulingPart said...

No kidding, when I was a kid and lost interest in the bunnies Grandma and Grandpa gave us for Easter my dad shot them and we ate them. He told my brother and I that they were "four-legged chickens."

Anonymous said...

I watched the dumb Phillies manager blow two games this weekend. It made me sick.