Sunday, April 24, 2011

Overtime for Easter

This weekend began with my son and I going to game 5 of the Flyers/Sabres hockey play-off game. The game got off to an ugly start with 2 soft goals allowed by Brian Boucher. Amazingly, the Flyers battled back to tie the score, only to get beaten in overtime. The look of elation on my son's face in the 3rd period when Danny Briere scored the tying goal was wonderful...the look of dejection when the Sabres scored in overtime was heartbraking. We had a great time regardless...and we were ready to camp out in front of the 42 inch HD Samsung for Easter Sunday's game.
Today's game also looked bleak from the start. However, once again the Flyers showed some serious testes and fought back to tie the game at 4-4. The Easter ham in the oven and the scalloped potatoes and the asparagus....they all had to wait for another white knuckle round of Overtime hockey. When Lieno punched the puck past Miller, the sprawling Sabre net-minder, my son and I both jumped up and screamed in triumph. The Flyers won and we'll be ready for an exciting game 7.
For this Sportsman and his son, there really is nothing more exciting in the realm of spectating than play-off hockey. The action is intense and the end to end play is a completely different thing than we see during the regular season. GO FLYERS!!


Ryan said...

Awesome! I went to game 2, and it was out of control.

Lets go Flyers!

JMW said...

Looks like the perfect father-son Easter activity! Happy Easter!

pittsburghprepster said...

Sounds like a great game! Sorry to say this, but GO PENS!