Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Brewerianna

Ebay call this type of item "Brewerianna." I call it commercial sporting art. I also call it mine. This Miller advertisment is a clasic...showing the activities of the various Seasons. I am all for the hunting, fishing and so much. I gave up golf in 1988 when I got out of law school. With the exception of a few buckets at driving ranges at a friend's clubs in these lunch-hooks since then.
In retrospect, dropping golf is one of the best time saving moves(and money saving probably) I ever made. When the kids were little, I could still hang a good part of the day with them and also get in a few rounds of trap or skeet in a fraction of the time of playing golf. This scored points with the Wife as well.
The copy in this Ad is of a genre not seen today. "Every Sportsman has his favorite Season..." Today, the big breweries pimp their suds with a constant stream of jokes, sight gags, boobs, bimbos and the occassional trained dog.
When we look at this Ad we can imagine Don Draper sucking on a lucky strike and inspiring his staff to create something of this type. "National Champion of Quality"...indeed.
This "vintage" piece is due for a trip to the frame-shop and a spot on the wall in my Poker room.


Sundresses and Smiles said...

i love it! my dad's not much of a golfer either, which definitely is nice for our family!

Bear said...

I've been known to live the High Life a time or two... Very classic (and classy) ad for sure, compared to what we're bombarded with today.

I'm sure it will look great in your poker room... I'm kinda jealous!