Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lacrosse Hotspot

Interesting news released today by ESPN. It seems The Haverford School is ranked No. 1 in the Nation in High School lacrosse. Haverford is a private all boy's school on the Main Line and obviously has a tremendous Lacrosse team. I know the Coaches from Haverford and they are dedicated men who know their stuff and do great things with the talented kids in their program.
The No. 2 School on this ESPN list is Conestoga High School. Contrastingly,Conestoga is a public high school about 10 miles down the road from Haverford.
Clearly, these rankings establish once again that the Main Line is a powerhouse region for boy's lacrosse. I believe much of this success is do to the really wonderful youth programs we have in the area. Ashbee lacrosse, the team my son plays for and for whom I coach, is one of those programs. These youth leagues start the kids learning the game at an early age and produce skilled players who go on to do well in High School.
I hope my son is going to be one of those kids. Such hopes are bolstered by his play last Thursday. He scored 4 goals at his Middle School game and then went right to his Ashbee league game and scored a Hat-Trick. I was one proud Dad.
This Saturday Haverford is playing the No. 4 ranked team from Darien Connecticut. My son and I will attend that game for sure as it proves to be an exciting match-up.


Preppy 101 said...

Congrats to your son and You, his dad, teacher and mentor. I love sports - everything about it. {talking about all the positives obviously}. xoxo

Raulston said...

A sporting Gent to be. What more could a father ask for? It seems as though he has a good role model in which to fashion himself after. Thanks for sharing.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I just bought my 3-year old a lacrosse stick... his ground game is deadly. The Boston Common is full of lacrosse dads and their boys lately, and I hope mine will follow in his father's cleat-steps as a middie. If you guys get up this way for one of the games, let me know... we'll come cheer.

brohammas said...

What time and where is this game of which you write? I know nothing of lacrosse but would love to see it.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Bro- The game is at Haverford School on Lancaster ave. in Haveford...walking distance from the haveford train station-R5 line.
Probably starts at noon. E-mail me if you intend to attend.
YWP-Never to early to start'em.

Anon in Tampa said...

Good for your son. Lacrosse is an incredible sport The level of sportsmanship and for that matter gentlemanliness is like no other team sport. We started a youth program here in Tampa 10 years ago with 17 middle school boys, when there was almost no lacrosse in Florida. The sport has grown tremendously in the area in the past 10 years and now there are programs everywhere throughout west central Florida. Our own program in South Tampa now has over 300 boys and girls participating at the Youth, Middle School and High School levels (unfortunately at the High School level it is still a club sport and not a true varsity sport).