Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Germantown Cricket Club

It is not Merion Cricket or Philadelphia Cricket...but to this Sportsman it is Club enough. Germantown has a pool, which Merion does not...and does not have a Golf Course...which Philly Cricket does...but I do not play Golf so do not want a Club with the attendant expenses of maintaining a Course. The food at Germantown is better than Philly and as good as Merion. The dues and initiation are reasonable.
Spring is here so the lawns are being readied for grass court Tennis. Germantown has perhaps the largest and best array of Grass Courts in the area. The Squash facilities are great as is the Pool. It is a fun day with the kids to play some squash, bowl a few games and have lunch on the porch over-looking the grass courts.
The Clubhouse is slightly frayed around the edges but in a comfortable Old Philadelphia way. The staff is top flight and the barmen know their business.
Cricket is actually played here and while I am still learning the game as a spectator, it is an enjoyable game to watch while sipping a few Meyers's and Tonic.


JMW said...

That sounds like a great place to spend some down-time. Keep us up on your efforts to learn the game of cricket. I've never played and never seen a game in person. Although, I love the cricket scene in the film "Hope and Glory." :)

Brohammas said...

playing cricket is like trying to golf swing at a cannon ball. My knees have never been so afraid.
When it comes to England's sporting exports, I say rugby please.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Not learning to play Cricket...just watch and understand.
Bro-As a lacrosse player...I stood in front of some ugly shots on defense...not afraid of no stinkin' cricket ball as a result.