Monday, January 10, 2011

Weapons on Board

Saturday night my son and I had a busy schedule. We were going to see my daughter in her High School Play, then a quick stop for Chinese food, followed by a late night viewing of the movie "The Fighter." Since the Main Line received a bit of snow on Saturday, we elected to take my 4x4 Pick-up for the excursion. I had been duck hunting earlier in the week and as is my habit, I left my waterfowling piece locked under the back seat...I like it handy if I want to jump in the truck and head to the marsh on a whim or a good report on birds coming in.
Since we were going to the High School and park in the lot, I felt it prudent to remove the 12 ga. Remington 1187 Semi-Auto from the vehicle. So, I asked my son as we were leaving" Please grab my shotgun from under the seat and put it in the garage." He laughed and said: " Most kids around here are not asked by their Dads to grab a shotgun..."
After he completed his task, he got in the truck and said: " Ok Dad, I hid your shotgun over by the work-bench...right near the big box of illegal fireworks..."
We both laughed the whole 1 mile trip to the High school parking lot.

P.S. "The Fighter" is a tremendous movie....incredible acting on the part of Christian Bales...and an inspiring true story. It has a great blend of character development, drama, humor and action. This sportsman highly reccomends seeing this in the theater.
P.S.S. The "illegal fireworks" were left over from our New Year's Eve party.


JMW said...

Too funny! Sounds like a conversation that could have happened at our house. I've heard great things about "The Fighter." I bet Bale gets an Oscar nominatino for that one.

Southern H and H said...

You dads and your guns! *smile*
Read my post from last Wednesday. I think you can appreciate it.

James said...

I was going to ask you if you had seen "The Fighter" and what you thought about it. So thanks. Remember when high school parking lots had trucks with gun racks in them? Oh well.

Rittenhouse Custom Clothiers said...

Great Story! That Fellows print is one of my favorites!!!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Thanks Rittenhouse...the print is my favorite from Fellows.

Marsha said...

Shotgun and fireworks! Excellent.

The best one at our house was my husband saying to your son, "It's time to leave for church. Would you go get the machete and the crowbar?"

Wouldn't an eavesdropper have fun with both our conversations?!