Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gone Hunting

No school for the kids tomorrow. So, I am taking my son down to the Waterfowl Club today. There will be several members and their sons in attendance. Club dinner and play-off football and perhaps a little poker. We will be up before dawn....but getting the boys out of bed at that hour can be a chore.
Since the marsh and river are mostly locked in with ice we will probably only be able to go to the field pits and goose hunt.
Dicks Sporting Goods was having a huge sale on hunting clothes so I purchased a new 1 piece insulated camo coverall for my son.... a steal at $19.99 after 50% off of the already marked down price. He is psyched to have a new rig and more psyched to have a chance to bring his .20 gauge to bear on a locked up goose dropping into our if only the old man can used his combimned skills of decoy placement, calling and flagging to make that happen...and if the birds are moving. Cross your fingers and perhaps I'll have pictures to post tomorrow night of a beaming 13 year old holding his first goose!

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