Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sports Update

Before I post on yesterday's hunting, I have to mention my son's recent sports story. You see, back in November he was playing in a Lacrosse tournament. Unfortunately, he broke a small bone in his foot in the 3rd game of the tourney. The fracture has now healed and despite missing a good portion of the early wrestling season, he perservered. He went to every practice even though he could not take part. He is now cleared for action. He wrestled-off today and will wrestle Varsity(Middle School) tomorrow in his first match. The photo here is in the 1st period of a match last season right before he pinned his opponent. I will skate out of the office early to catch his match.


The Enthusiast said...

Injuries are a bummer. After taking a tumble in the start of a mile, I thought I merely sprained my ankle. After x-rays, it turned out that I broke my leg. While I recovered for fall cross country, I lost three months of training and didn't have the season I had planned on. Hopefully, the weeks off didn't take too much of a toll on your son. Best wishes in his athletics.

Main Line Sportsman said...

He scored a 3rd period pin!