Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Boy and His Dog/ Hunting Report

Goose harvest at our Delaware Waterfowl Club this Tuesday. Season is waning so we have to get out while we can. My dog Archie is not really fond of his neoprene camo vest...but it does a good job keeping him warm during a long cold day in the goose pit.


Lucky Dog / The Commish said...

Looks like GREAT fun! With hunting, can you have a "golf cart driver" that's there for the fraternity but not the shooting? If so, I'm your guy. Big baloon tires needed if so, I'd guess...

I am enjoying following your exploits.
Best Regards,

M.Lane said...

A successful trip from the looks of it!!


JMW said...

Looks like you had a successful hunt! Love your dog!

RulingPart said...

Good LORD I missed my grandpa and Dad's old dog after seeing that picture.

We used to line up the night before along a road to get a good blind. We'd sleep in the camper and then wake up at 4:00 to ball-freezing temperatures. We'd all drink hot chocolate, tell lies and laugh.

Thanks for the post. I teared up. Just lovely.