Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word Verification

I was just leaving a comment on a blog I have been following: To the Legions of the Lost Ones. The author is a great writer with tremendous style and tone and a great sarcastic bent.
The word verification came up...the word was: "Forskin." I was shocked...and amused...I assume these words are randomly generated by some encryption program...and as we all know they are usually just gibberish. But when it is an actual word...albeit improperly spelled...what are the odds that it would be that particular word.
Certainly, most of the male readers lost theirs shortly after being born...screeching and screaming ,blue-faced and naked on a stainless steel table while some 2nd team surgeon came in the room weilding a scalpel...or perhaps if one is Jewish, they got clipped by a bearded gent in a Yarmulke and a shawl while relatives munched bagels,lox and whitefish and commented on the size of the lads unit or how the cost of a Bris is skyrocketing.
Either odd word and a pre-cognizant buried memory of discarded flesh.


Tish Jett said...


K.S. Anthony said...

They make for very soft shoes, you know...though they tend to shrink in the cold. Or so I've heard. They come whole and half circumsizes.

Thanks for the tip of the (jimmy?) hat.

Awfully punny, I know...emphasis on awfully.

Nice clip art, too.

Ok, I'll stop.

K.S. Anthony said...

Perhaps the word verification was meant to indicate that much of my writing is simply half-cocked.

Ok, sorry. NOW I'm stopping.

JMW said...

Oh, my! I just remember when my newborn son was brought back to me after "the procedure." He did not look happy.