Thursday, May 6, 2010

Willowdale Steeplechase

We are in the heart of the Spring Steeplechase season and this weekend brings enthusiasts the Willowdale meet. This is a great course which is in a natural bowl and affords great views of nearly the entire race. These races have only been run since it is a relatively new event. The races take place every year on Mother's day...and the week before the Radnor Hunt Cup and The Preakness. Hopefully Moms and Wives in your orbit are,like mine, OK with an afternoon tailgate as part of the day's homage to Mom.
The day also features vintage cars along with the elaborate tailgating so one can see some really nice arrangements like the one above.
This year I like Vinnie's Boy to win the main race. He is trained by Blythe Miller Davies. Blythe had a great career of her own as a Steeplechase Jockey and I saw her ride many times. Indeed, her brother Chip Miller heard the call "Jockeys Up" more than a few times and their father was an owner and trainer as Steeplechasing is encoded in this girl's DNA and this portends a win. However, the odds on this pick should be very short as Vinnie's Boy will surely be "the chalk."
So, as an alternate I would bet Prospector's Strike.
To compliment the sporting weekend I am going to see the Flyers tomorrow nite...can they dig out of a 3-0 hole? I doubt it...but there is nothing like playoff hockey.
Saturday is another day of coaching Lacrosse. The boys are now 4-1 and having a fun season so far....


Brian said...

Lets hope the weather is as goog as it was for P2P.

Beth Dunn said...

YES! Your pointers helped a ton. Thank you. So bummed to be missing Radnor Hunt this year but it's little Wyn's birthday and he wants a buzz light year birthday party!

ADG said...

Looks like fun. I've just added your blog to my blog roll.