Friday, May 21, 2010


The lovely blogger Mrs. Arscott had a gadget on her site called revolver maps...I wanted it...asked her about it and then figured out how to install it. This gadget is fairly cool in that it shows how many visitors your site has had and where the visit was from geographically. Recently I have had visitors from Bogota, Columbia...Zurich, Switzerland, Cairo, Egypt, Ho Chi Mihn City, Viet Nam...not to mention various domestic hits. Perhaps it is juvenile to be intrigued by these exotic hits...and I do not get nearly the amount of comments on my posts as some others (maybe my posts are vapid and uninteresting to the blogging masses??)but nevertheless it amuses me to know that some dude in Indo-China is possibly reading my semi-literate babblings and admiring pictures of guns,dogs ,dead birds, horses and hockey and other nonsense. Then again...maybe that is what this blogging gig is all about.

College reunion, cocktails and lacrosse this weekend...and GO FLYERS!!


K.S. Anthony said...

Any of the map features are pretty cool...I use Google analytics.

I am still fascinated that someone translated my site into Finnish.

Ugly defeat for the Flyers to Montreal...hoping for better. Cheers.

M.Lane said...

That is a very cool map. I love the small one I have on my is really great to see where people are!


Toad said...


Anonymous said...

Go Virginia!