Friday, May 14, 2010

Radnor Hunt Races

This Saturday will find the Steeplechase afficianados tailgating in Willistown Township PA for the 80th running of The Radnor Hunt Races.This Meet raises money for the Brandywine Conservancy which preserves open space in verdant southern Chester County hunt country and beyond....a very well run and successful organization. The Radnor course...named after W. Burling Cocks, was redesigned a few years ago and is one of the best in the Country. The vantage points from all over the course afford great views and the Jumbotron picks up what the binoculars cannot.
There are 2 major races in this Meet: The National Hunt Cup and The Radnor Hunt Cup.

For the National Hunt Cup my money will be placed on Nationbuilder. This 6 year old Gelding won The Queens Cup in NC last month and while I am not really familiar with the Jockey...I think this big boned Timber Jumper has the speed and stamina to win on this demanding course. Left Unsaid,ridden by Ross Geraghty, will likely be another favorite and it will be interesting to see how the Punters make odds for this leg of The Sport of Kings Series. With a $ 50,000.00 Purse, be sure none of the Jockeys will be leaving anything in the tank.
Next, in The Radnor Hunt Cup,I have to again look to South Monarch. This horse was featured in a prior post and did win at Winterthur and also bested a class field at My Lady's Manor in Maryland. With the experienced and talented Jody Petty on board, I see this as a lock. This pick will not make money with bets at the Punter's easel...but you could sweep a nice pot at a tailgate betting pool.
Friday evening before the races, my wife and I will be attending the Wildflower Ball. This Black Tie Hunt Ball is held at the Radnor Hunt Clubhouse and is always a splendid night. Attended by major fundraiser/sponsors,trainers, Stable owners, and Club Members,it is a great equestrian group...the food, band and free flowing booze do not suck either. The real trick at this function is to maintain composure and not on-load too much in the way of Spirits...else the pounding head and booze-malaise can be vexatious during the following day of tailgating and racing.
When the races are over, those favored with an invite can watch the Preakness at a party under the Stewards Tower on the course finish line. This gig offers yet another open bar...yeah like I'll need it after 5 hours of Tailgating. Nevertheless, we always manage to persevere and knock back a few last drinks in honor of the events at Pimlico.
The photos in this post are courtesy of Jim Graham Photography...but I did sneak in a shot of one of my Daughter's horse shows.
Sunday will find me back at the helm of my Lacrosse team...coaching the kids in a late afternoon game against Radnor. Cheers and Jockeys up....


K.S. Anthony said...

Sadly I missed Steeplechase here last weekend: a fine reason to wear seersucker and straw boater while engaged in the aristocratic pleasure of daytime drinking.

Sounds like a fantastic plan of betting and drinking, which, along with women, might be considered by some to be vices.

I think of them as rather virtuous.

Chin chin!

M.Lane said...

My wife and I got to see the steeplechase at the Olympics in Atlanta and it was very exciting. Alas, no bars for spectators.

I hope to take her to see the RH one day.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Sdaly Nationbuilder unseated his rider on 3rd lap and did not finish.
South Monarch ran well but did not win.
Weather was perfect and it was a great day of racing.

Keith said...

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Creative Director said...

I see you found the revolving globe!
Ms Arscott