Thursday, May 20, 2010


Blogger/wordsmith KS Anthony referenced the poem which has the line "Hunter home from the hill" in a comment on my hunting dog post. It reminded me of a favorite old movie of the same name and I thank him for the cerebral cage rattling which led me to post these clips. I had never posted a clip before and even if the few readers who stop by think they are representative of weak old movie offal...I still learned a new blog-skill...for what it is worth.
Nevertheless, I have always loved this film and particularly liked Mitchum's character, Wade Hunnicut. He is a man's man and a true sportsman. He is however deeply flawed. To wit: he cannot seem to keep it in his pants and cats around his small town to the embarrasment of his tortured wife and naiive son. He has a bastard son who he tolerates on one level but shuns on another. All of these fairly sleazy facts help weave the fabric of this MGM melodrama and it's plot.
This movie is also notable for it's early performances by 2 Georges...Hamilton and Peppard.
"Home from the Hill" is certainly worth a slot in a Netflix line-up or an after-thought rainy Sunday afternoon grab at Blockbuster.


Terry Scoville said...

I do enjoy the old movies, such classics even though they were not fair minded when it came to women. Great one liners!

Beth Dunn said...

I think it is so great you are the lax coach. I played in college and my 10 year old is doing amazing this year!oxox

Laguna Beach Trad said...

This always makes me think of the book (and BBC documentary) 'Home From The Hill' by the English sportsman and soldier Hilary Hook. I once worked with his grabd-daughter (or was it his niece?). Fascinating chap.