Monday, March 31, 2014

Play Ball

                                                             Opening Day 2014.

I do not watch much Baseball on T.V. until the Pennant series begins. I do go to a few games per season. The Phillie's ballpark is an agreeable venue...despite being ridiculously they all are now.

Mostly I listen. Baseball on the radio is the soundtrack to many activities beginning in early Spring. The radio in the garage will hum with the commentary of play by play while I do the Spring yard work or tinker with projects on the workbench. The buzz of the crowd will be on the radio on the patio when I light the grill and stand vigil over the ribs while sipping a rum and tonic. I will catch a game mid-innings when I drive home from the city.And I still miss the soothing voice of Mr. Kalas.

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LPC said...

I will forever and always associate the sound of baseball on the radio with summers, and my father, and childhood.