Monday, March 3, 2014

Sport of Kings Loses a Crown Jewel

I read his obituary in the New York Times yesterday. I had never seen him play in person but heard about him while watching matches at our local Brandywine Polo Club.  He was part of a dynasty of top flight polo players and taught the sport to many.
One of my law school buddies lost his father to a brain injury suffered during a match in New Jersey several years ago....just goes to show you this is NOT a sport just for effete playboys as the reputation may can die in this game.

A world-class polo player died from head injuries suffered when he was thrown from his horse during a match in Florida on Tuesday.
Carlos Gracida, one of the sport's most beloved players, was playing in a match at the Everglade Polo Club in Wellington when another player struck his horse in the head with a mallet, causing the animal to whip its head around and collide with Gracida's head, the Palm Beach Post reported

He was only 53 and one of the best players ever. He won the US Open in Polo 9 times and was one of the "Queen's favorites."

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