Friday, March 14, 2014

Mount Gay on the Rocks

I saw a Facebook post indicating that Mount Gay was going down for the count.Say it ain't so I thought. Holy sugar cane and molasses Batman! more Mount Gay? What would Summer be without a crisp Mount Gay and Tonic on the drinks list? Would the singular pleasure of a well made Mount Gay Daiquiri be relegated to memory and fond remembrance?  I was not satisfied with the bona fides of the source so I elected to do some research of my own. The following is re-printed from a distilled spirits industry news letter:

Reports have recently circulated in the island’s local press that Mount Gay Distillery – Barbados’s oldest rum distillery – was closing its doors after encountering financial difficulty.
However, Rémy Cointreau has since said that it is in fact The Rum Refinery – a distillery which provides liquid for Mount Gay Rum along with the Mount Gay Distillery itself – which had temporarily ceased production.
The French drinks group added that despite a “historical and supply relationship” between the two distilleries, they “are not synonymous” and are “two separate and distinct entities”.
Both distilleries are based in Mount Gay in St Lucy and The Rum Refinery is part of Mount Gay Limited.
Raphael Grisoni, managing director of Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, said: “The operations of Mount Gay Distilleries Limited have not been affected by recent events within The Rum Refinery of Mount Gay Limited, and our production of Mount Gay Rum continues as normal.”



Pigtown*Design said...

whew is right!

Reggie Darling said...

That's a weird story. I can't believe they are not entirely unconnected. I hope they get their house in order, as summer and visits to tropic islands would simply not be the same without Mount Gay and tonics (with extra lime) as one's libation of choice.