Monday, March 18, 2013

Sportsman's Friday Evening

 I suppose one could sit at home, on the sofa, remote in one hand and the other hand stuffing Cheetos or some other cooker extruded nightmare snack food into one's piehole, Seinfeld re-runs on T.V. and no plans. Sure, you had a long and stressful week.Yes, so did most of us.
 Your long and stressful...even exhausting no excuse to wallow around your abode like a slug. The saying is: "Life is too short." Go find some action and enjoy yourself.
This weekend found this sportsman at Valley Forge Casino for boxing matches and other sporting pursuits. There was an enjoyable card of fights..Club Level stuff...but fun to watch. There were cocktails and beers followed by  a turn at the Craps table. I took this photo...and pissed of the Pit-Boss...from my perch at the end of the table waiting for the stick-man to push down the selection of dice. C'mon eleven!!

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