Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Day At The Races

 I noted in a prior post that I was headed to sunny Florida. The weather turned out to be not so sunny for most of out trip. Saturday started out overcast with a chill breeze. This was a perfect day to head to the racetrack. A $40.00 dollar cab ride from the Marriott Harbor Beach dropped us right at the gate. We quickly purchased programs, cocktails, and secured a mezzanine spot overlooking the paddock to scope the horses for the 4th race.
 There was a large crowd on hand. It appeared many of the fanny-packed sneaker and sweats set were there for the casino games and not the horses. We ignored the throngs of slot junkies and watched the horses enter and parade in the paddock. Then it was off to the betting window and from there, trackside along the rail near the finish.

 I always enjoy hearing the trumpeter give the call to post. Then I get a chill when the bell goes of and the gate opens. For that minute- plus that the beautiful thoroughbreds are charging  down the track, you have visions of cashing a nice trifecta. Then some spoiler who was stalking the pace crushes your vision at the top of the stretch. I did not have much luck picking winners. However, one of my buddies cashed in on the 5th race as shown in the ticket above. He had 30 across and cashed a respectable $140.00 ticket.

 While I was sipping rum, my buddies opted for the storied PBR. I can only tolerate PBR when I have already had 7 or 8 of something else.
Sometimes when you are at the paddock, you pay attention to horseflesh...and sometimes fillies of a different species.

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Pillar Of Autumn said...

Great post, sounds like it was a good trip!