Monday, March 11, 2013


 For the members of the Waterfowl Club, the real ahrd work often begins when the hunting ends. We have a nice fresh water pond on our Club property. However, the damn has been el;aking and the pond became so overgrown and clogged it was no longer a resource to attract ducks and geese.
 This weekend we had Club work days to address this problem. We had previously rented heavy equipment to dig out the dam and replace the drainage and pipes. Now we have control over water level and flow.
 So on Saturday we got busy cutting out some of the trees and clearing the vines and bushes and brush that made the pond useless.
 This is extremely hard work. We had 10 guys going at it with chain saws and power whackers with blades and axes and saws and old fashioned grab and cut  and pull... We dragged tons of brush behind the pick ups and dumped in the woods. We drained the pond and once clear we will fill her up again.
After all he effort, we hope top have a renewed environment to attract waterfowl and other species of critters. In the hunting season, we can control the flow to flood some of the corn nearby and plant some millet to grow for natural feed for the birds. We cut and stacked about 3 cords of firewood to season for the fireplace and outdoor pit for next year. By the end of the day we were all wiped out...but satisfied that the project will pay dividends when we take to the blinds next Fall.

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