Monday, July 16, 2012

Mud and Sunflowers

I had to drive my Son back to Camp on the Eastern Shore yesterday. It was "changeover weekend" and he also had a Lacrosse tournament in Jersey on Saturday. Going to the Eastern Shore provides an excuse to shoot East from there and go to the Duck Hunting club for some off-season dog training.

It was a scorching and humid day but standing in the shade along the river near the Point Blind provided a bit of relief....enough to throw a duck bumper for Genna for about 20 minutes. She did about 20 water retrives and swam her yellow lab ass off. She was having more fun than anyone hitting that water. I enjoyed watching her and squishing my bare feet in the cool tidal mud along the bank. We did some field retrieves and she performed well the whole time. She is going to be ready for hunting season.

We then drove around the farm and checked on the Sunflower fields. Despite the recent drought the field looks good. We plant this feed lot to attract doves for our Club dove hunt when the season opens in Spetember. The shooting is a real challenge and the reward is succulent grilled dove breasts washed down with icy cold beer from and old galvanized the way...try adding salt to the ice in the vessel in which you chill beer . The same action that takes place on your driveway in Winter operates on your brewskies and gets them colder than cold. Trust me it works and is worth it. Careful when guzzling....can lead to brain freeze headache.

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Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I'm doing my first dove hunt September 8 and am super excited about it. Though not so sure about the grilled breasts. I think I'll stick to the BBQ we're having afterward at the ole' fashioned pig pickin'.