Friday, July 6, 2012

4th and Rum

With the last kid dropped of at camp, the wife and I headed North to enjoy a few days on Block Island. We have done Nantucket but never made it to this beautiful spot off the coast of Rhode Island.
We hopped on the ferry and arrived for our stay at the Springhouse Hotel. After checking in to a lovely suite in the annex building, we had lunch and beers on the porch of the National Hotel and then rented a Moped for a tour of the island. The Island is a breathtaking collection of stunning homes and rock wall lined fields and it seems each ocean view is prettier than the last. Sadly, I cannot say the same for some of the day-trippers and visitors who seem to pack the ferry for the sole purpose of hitting the booze too hard and showing off their tacky ink and bad beach togs. Seriously, for an island that reeks of old New England money and class, the clientele one encounters on Ballard's beach and in Town appeared fairly low brow to my surprise.
This is not to say we did not enjoy ourselves thoroughly. We gorged on Lobster rolls and fried clams and enjoyed the views at Mohegan Bluffs and the chilly Ocean swimming. We saw spectacular fireworks from our Suite and liked the lighthouses and natural preserves scattered around the Island. One photo above shows the bar on the porch of the Springhouse. I was parked here at about 5:30 P.M. on Tuesday sampling their quality Rum selection and I may venture a statement that this is one of the best views and happy hour locations in the Western Hemisphere. I have downed crisp Rum and Tonics in many locations and many situations, but the confluence of weather, affable guests, my wife's company and competent attentive barmen made this a particularly memorable cocktail hour.
We returned to Philadelphia and plan to hit the Phillie's game tonite. The Phil's are playing like crap and it is , as Chick from Deer Camp would say:" Hotter'en Dutch Love;" indeed hot enough for a fan to poach his eggs on the sun baked plastic seats of Citizen's Bank Park. Perhaps Kyle Kendrick can cool thinks off by fanning a few Braves. Not likely.


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

You had me at rum...looks like a wonderful trip! I love to expolore new places.

JMW said...

Heard of Block Island, but didn't know much about it. Looks like a fab place to visit. Glad to hear you and your wife had a wonderful time! Rum - perfect summer beverage. :)

Muffy Aldrich said...

These are beautiful pictures. The day-trippers of which you speak are so much more of a problem when the ferry ride is, relatively speaking, short. I know from some BI people who have live there year round that BI emergency services are incredibly stressed of late. They have an increased amount of drinking, passing out, etc. and are having trouble responding to all of the calls.

LPC said...

This looks SO WONDERFUL!. Wow. I dream of visiting Maine again some day. Thank you for the photos.

DocP said...

If you have the opportunity, try an off season trip. The place empties out after Labor Day and visits are much more enjoyable.