Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Canine Commandments

One of the Sporting/Hunting sites I follow posted this very relevant list of rules. particularly relevant are No.s 4 and 10. Many dog owners like the concept but not the responsiblity. They take no time to train the dog or spend sufficient time interacting. Then they wonder why the dog is ill-mannered and misbehaves. If you do not know how to train a dog...LEARN. Most areas have dog training classes and clubs to teach you how to teach your dog.

No. 10 made me choke up. As you may recal I posted a while back about holding my dear Dixie when she was put down at age 16. My other hunting dog Archie is now retired at 11 but still spry and healthy. I am working with Genna as posted yesterday. I ahve commented on the special bond between hunter and hunting dog....but these rules apply equally to any dog/master relationship. Take the time and nurture the bond between you and your dog.


The Gang said...

Great post. Couldn't agree more.

Reggie Darling said...

Dear MLS:
I first read this post several hours ago at the office, where commenting on blogs has been blocked by the IT genies. Have thought about this since, and now commenting. As a fellow fancier of our furry, four-legged friends I cannot agree more with this post, and the sentiments you share. We are, indeed, fortunate to have company of our faithful companions, and we owe them respect, love, treats, tummy scratches and interaction. I dread the day when I shall have to hold my beloved Pompey in my arms at the vet when his time is up, but I am commited to do so out of love and respect for my dear little friend. It is a matter of honor and respect. For now, though, he is happily snoring away on my sofa, a place I vowed he would never sleep (not on the furniture!), and a limitation I am happy to relax as my beloved Pompey coasts, somewhat stiffly I might add, through his thirteenth year. Well deserved, old chum, I love him so. Reggie

Trey Luckie said...

That was really cool!

tintin said...

I lost a wire fox terrier in a divorce. Buster was on a triple espresso 24/7 and the first day we brought him home I knew I'd cry like a baby the day he died.

I had a dream shortly after the divorce. Buster and I were sitting in the front seat of my car. He was telling me how much he missed me but it was all very matter of fact.

"Yeah, John. It hasn't been easy with just her but we're getting along. How's single life? You know, can you do me a favor, John? Can you move just a smidge to your right..."

The car door was open and Buster was angling to make a run for it. I nick named him Steve McQueen for the Great Escape. I miss that dog but am grateful I did get to talk to him.

Kinky Friedman says that when you die and go to heaven, every dog you ever owned will come running to greet you. So I got that going for me -- which is pretty darned good.

A Southern Preppy said...

I didn't make it through that list without tears. My husband read it also, and we will never forget the day we had to put down our Sam. We made so many training mistakes with her. Thank goodness she was patient with us.

Rachelle said...

So wonderful and true. This is lovely.

My husband avows, with just a touch of mischeviousness, that training his dog has prepared him for raising our daughter as she grows into toddlerhood. Given the love that I joyfully see flowing between all three of them, he's definitely onto something.

Our wonderful doggy friends tell us so much, if only we all know how to listen. They give and teach yet ask so little in return.