Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marrying a SEAL.

One of my best friends from Law School has a daughter that I have known since she was a toddler. Since then, she has finished Columbia, received a Macarthur Fellowship and hit it out of the park at Oxford. She is engaged to a fine Annapolis grad who she met at Oxford when he was there on a Rhodes scholarship. Their wedding is in Brooklyn in August and my wife and I are proud to be included. The groom -to- be is finishing his SEAL training right now. After the wedding and honeymoon he will be deployed doing what SEALs do. The bride will start Yale Law school. The level of accomplishment and talent of these two is astonishing.

I advised my law school buddy(also a Yale grad) that I suspect him of selective breeding. The offspring of these two promise to be super-beings.

Meanwhile another old friend from Hgh School who trains Navy SEALs in obscure knife fighting techniques sent me the amusing posted joke above.


James said...

Three cheers for the both of them!

Old Polo said...

A great couple who have earned my respect. Love the Navy post.

A Southern Preppy said...

We have a friend here who is a SEAL team commander. Thankless job, but he does it well.