Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday Night's Fight

Here is reporter John DiSanto's account of Butler's 6 round win on Friday published in Philly Boxing History site:

In the six-round semi-windup, Southwest Philly's Ardrick Butler posted one of his best career wins with a full route unanimous decision over William Wilson of Oxford, NC.

In round two, Butler lived up to his "Hitman" nickname, flooring Wilson and looking like a killer. But Wilson rebounded nicely in round three. The pair exchanged shots throughout the round and made it a great three minutes for fans. Butler won the round, but Wilson appeared to be back in it. However, by round four, Butler was back in control. He hurt Wilson with his sweeping punches.

In the sixth and final round, Wilson went for broke, knowing that he had yet to win a round. Butler looked tired and seemed to merely go through the motions until the final bell. Wilson's effort won him the round, but the overall decision was long lost. All three judges gave it to Butler by scores of 59-54 and 58-55 twice. I had it 59-54 for Butler, who improved to 7-4 with 3 KOs. With the loss, Wilson evened out at 8-8 with 4 KOs.

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Brohammas said...

Congrats. He seems like a good guy but his management is suspect.
Jokes aside, whats next?