Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Fine Points of the Game

We have been watching a lot of baseball around my place these past 2 weeks...for obvious reasons. Last night my son and I watched the Phillies even up the Pennant Series( I still think Pennant sounds better than NLCS) 1 game to 1.

Having watched the Phillies since I was old enough to remember,and having listened to countless innings on the radio, I take it for granted that everyone understands all the nuances of the play by play and the lingo the announcers use during broadcasts. Last night Roy Oswalt threw a little "chin music" at a batter. I found myself explaining the definition and strategy of a "brush-back pitch" to my son. We also had a discussion about why it is an insult to a player when a team yields an intentional walk to get that player to the plate rather than pitch to the batter before him in the order.....and in turn why it was so satisfying for Jimmy Rollins to crush that bases clearing double after just such a scenario. Game 3 tomorrow at 4 p.m. EST...stay tuned and GO PHILLIES


James said...

I always wonder how the artists that paint those models are able to kept their hands from shaking.I guess dedication to one's craft. You are right its a Pennant series.I like "show who owns the plate!"

Joann said...

I grew up a Phillies fan. At the risk of aging myself I remember watching the antics of Guillermo, or Willie Montanez. Steve 'Lefty' Carlton was a hero and who could forget Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa (double play!) and Greg Luzinski. Although I've moved away from the 'burbs of South Jersey where I grew up, I remain a fan of the game and of course, the Phillies.
Go Phillies!

Keith said...

My eyes were stuck on that first photo. Wow. :-)

Main Line Sportsman said...

Joann-You are listing the players of my formative fandom ...Carlton, Schmidt et al.
I loved Montanez as a kid because we had the same birthday and I envied how he flipped his bat.
Glad to know there are some Phil's fans rooting from the North Country.

The Lost One said...

Sorry, was there writing in this post?

Main Line Sportsman said...

Lost One-Where you been? Blog down? Miss my dose of academic darkness and nocturnal foraging escapades.