Thursday, October 21, 2010

Duck Season

Duck season opens tomorrow in Delaware. The boys and I will be at the Clubhouse for an "Opening Eve" dinner that will feature: field greens with mustard vinagrette,Thyme and Porter marinated charcoal grilled pork loin, sweet and sour Bavarian style red cabbage, Gratin of potatoes, and dessert. Whiskey before dinner and Port after...followed by cigars and the Phillies desperate game 5.

We will be out an hour before dawn setting decoys. Then we will be hunkered down in the blinds waiting for the beat of wings and hopefully some locked up mallards or woodies heading for our spread.

As an aside, please support Ducks Unlimited or another Conservation Organization of your choice. Ducks Unlimited does a splendid job of preserving habitat and acting as a lobbying voice for hunters and sportsmen.


JMW said...

Enjoy your time in the blinds! The meal afterward sounds delicious. Hubby is out enjoying one of his final dove shoots of the season - got an invite to a local preserve. I was supposed to watch the ponies today at Keeneland, alas, work had to come first. Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

James said...

I'll be with you in spirit. I wish you many crossing shots!

M.Lane said...

What a great time! Porter all around!