Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opening Day Outfit

The opening day of Duck Season is rapidly approaching. Hunters from the Eastern Shore to the Delaware Bay are cleaning their preferred waterfowling piece, organizing their gear, watching the weather and tide charts, buying licenses and ammo, getting boats ready and deciding what to wear. In the early season the question of what to wear can be difficult based on the weather.
In the later season it is typically colder than a grave digger's ass ( my Grandfather's favorite simile) so the choice is easy: you wear your big guns of Thinsulate and Goretex and use foot and hand warmers and your best gloves and hat. In late October it can be 40 degrees when you go out to the Blind and then hit 60 degrees by the time you are done. Hence, the choice of what to grab from your hunting wardrobe is tricky.
Waders are a must, so in early season I go with the hip high camo waders from Cabela's with 200 gram Thinsulate. They are not too warm on the feet and very comfortable and utilitarian when launching the boats and stomping thru the marsh mud. For the jacket, I take the lining out of the Herter's camo coat. You still have all the pockets for your gear and waterproof protection without over-heating. A camo hat completes the ensemble.
However, there is another detail which helps in this concealment and camo effort: make-up. As the Duck Commander says....covering the face is very important. So, there are plenty of camo face paints available. A few streaks of green and brown make your face less visible when peeking out of the Blind. Ducks have excellent eye-sight and can see a hunter's face as if it were a headlight shining from the Blind. Camo face paint corrects this problem.
Here's hoping we all have good hunting next week.
Photos courtesy of Cabela's Waterfowl Catalogue.


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Glad to see you are camo ready!

James said...

Have a great season.

RulingPart said...

This blog is fascinating. You're a lawyer by day, a boxing manager by night, and an avid sportsman on the weekends. You're like a character from a Hemmingway novel.

Main Line Sportsman said...

RP-High praise...just trying to keep life interesting