Monday, March 15, 2010

Urban Moments

Working in the City nearly every day can be alternatively oppressive,exhilirating or fascinating;often, it is amusing. Now, I certainly am not amused by the plight of the less fortunate nor by the piteous circumstances faced by the Homeless in Philadelphia. Nevertheless, sometimes the signs they wield to beseech your contribution are amusing or even laugh-out-loud funny.. To wit, the one above about Spitzer the adulterer...that one received wide coverage.
Today I saw a young homeless kid with a sign which read: "Too lazy to work, too honest to lie." That just cracked me up...and I would have thrown him a bone but for the fact that he was an obvious heroin addict and did not need money but treatment.
Next, a guy in the Concourse had a sign which read: "Ninja's robbed me....need money for karate lessons"...again I had to laugh and give a nod to the creativity of a man who had the grace to be funny despite his miserable station....I threw him a Fiver.


JMW said...

Yes, all too sad, yet very creative nonetheless.

Terry Scoville said...

Ah yes the creative lines are so noticed. Such as one here locally which read, "spaceship broke, need to buy parts to fix it." I nodded and gave him a smile.