Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saturday Night's Main Event

This Saturday Philadelphia's own "Fast Eddie" Chambers fights for the World Heavyweight Championship. Chambers is squaring off in an arena in Germany against Vladimir Klitschko, the Ukranian born boxer who is like a large building with legs. The boxing community here is absolutely rabid over this fight and yearning for the victory that will bring the Heavyweight Belt to Philadelphia. Indeed, many boxing fans across the globe would relish a contender like Chambers taking the crown from Klitschko.
At 208 lbs Chambers is at his lightest fighting weight ever and his speed and moves are the key to besting the taller Ukranian who has a jab like a telephone pole and a major size advantage. Chambers has applied a work ethic in the gym that is equal parts maniacal and monastic and the result is his aforementioned lean, dangerous fighting weight.
Speed is the key and hopefully Fast Eddie can live up to his moniker and test Vlad's jaw with some well placed hits. The word is that Klitschko's jaw is vulnerable and he has been KO'd before. Chamber's speed must also be tempered with his admirable defensive skills. I hope to see some good inside body punching unleashed by Chamber's as he proved effective inside against the prior opponent who was 6'7''. Body punches can score points and slow down the Ukranian giant.
Astoundingly, this fight will not be televised on pay TV here in the U.S. and one will have to pay to watch an internet feed to see the fight. Here's hoping a Philadelphia boy can bring home the World Heavyweight crown! I trust you all will root for Fast Eddie and keep a good thought or prayer for him this Saturday.

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Main Line Sportsman said...

Unfortunately Fast Eddie was KO'd in 12th Round