Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lehigh beats Lafayette to go to the NCAA Tournament

Typically, a headline about Lehigh vs. Lafayette refers to College football's most played Rivalry. However, anytime Lehigh bests Lafayette in a sporting event it is a slightly greater triumph due to the rivalry between the schools. This week Lehigh beat Lafayette in basketball and secured the Patriot League title and a berth in the NCAA tournament. Normally, I am not a big March Madness fan as Basketball is not really a favorite. However, now that my Alma Mater is once again in the mix...I will be interested. Suffice it to say there is not much chance for my Lehigh boys to go very far...but it will be fun nevertheless. In fact, it brings back a great memory from Spring Break a while best friend from College and I were skiing at Whiteface near Lake Placid for the week. Lehigh managed to make the NCAA Tourney that year as well...(1985 I recall). My buddy Glenn and I took the day off from the slopes and parked ourselves on stools at a Saranac lake Pub and watched Lehigh play Georgetown in the 1st Round. Our beloved Engineers were soundly trounced that day but it was fun while it lasted.

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Main Line Sportsman said...

We play Kansas Thursday nite at 9:30 p.m.
As Phila Daily News said...if we stay w/in 20 points it is a moral victory. We are greatly overmatched in this pairing...a Patriot League possesed of true scholar-athletes...up againmsta State school B-Ball machine where the players major in wallet making other challenging academic disciplines...and probably phone it in anyway...Oh for an upset that would shock the Nation...GO ENGINEERS!