Monday, March 22, 2010

Sporting Art

The prints shown here are by renowned sporting artist A.B. Frost. I was at a friends antique store on Thursday last week. He deals in fairly high end furniture and decor with a very high end client base...(think Philadelphia Style furniture which can be as expensive as a small home for a dining room set.)
My friend said I had to see something that was quite unbelievable...and I was intrigued. We went to the upper floor of the shop and there was a complete set of 12 A.B. Frost Sporting prints. The entire set was signed and set in incredibly tasteful frames. Frost is a particular favorite of mine...and also of fellow blogger Man of the 50's/James( a thoroughly well bred,like minded, and agreeable gentleman by the way.) Forget the cost for the set...but let's just say one could pay for a year tuition at a pretty good private university for the same price. I certainly coveted the set but could not and would not buy them as I have 3 kids between 13 and 17 and college cash is being hoarded as we speak...I was content to drool over them and perhaps fondle the framed beauties for a few minutes.
His body of work includes a variety of illustrations for Scribners, Harper's and other publications. I feel these prints are wonderful scenes that capture time, mood ,color and experience of a day in the field or on the marsh hunting birds.The rail bird hunt is a specific favorite as I enjoy hunting railbirds on the Maurice River rice marshes while being pushed in a 100 year old cedar skiff by a member of the Camp Clan.


James said...

Thank you for the kind words, I feel we may share many qualities,we'll say good ones! My email is if you find the time I'm sure I would enjoy them, thank you.

M.Lane said...

What a wonderful post! I also love his work.


Terry Scoville said...

Great works of art indeed. I am better off not knowing what they cost. To drool is perhaps my best offer.

Bumby Scott said...

Thank you my friend for sharing.

Always Bumby