Monday, April 7, 2014

Staying Busy

 This weekend found me with a full slate of spectating and activity. Friday night I went to the fights at Temple University's Liacouras center for the USBA heavyweight title fight. I could write paragraphs about the main event and the undercard...but I do have a day job. Suffice it to say the evening was a fine spectacle of the sweet science...hard fought bouts and great athletic perseverance; some of the best boxing I have seen in a while.
 I also had the pleasure of watching my son play Rugby. I am still learning the game but I have sufficient novice knowledge to enjoy watching the sport.
 Then it was down to Salem County, New Jersey for a round of Sporting Clays with my buddy Jay.
 I have been shooting a fair amount of trap and skeet lately, but the Sporting Clay field can be humbling. It was on this trip as I shot far below my normal average. Perhaps the beers and cocktails and late night at the fights had some effect on my hand- least that is what I am telling myself.
It was an enjoyable weekend. Unlike next weekend...which will likely be taken up with yard work and Spring clean up.

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Bear said...

I've been tempted by the local Fish and Game club's Sporting Clays courses, but I've not yet succumbed. I imagine I'd likely waste most of my limited ammo and embarrass myself thoroughly in the process. Maybe one of these days I'll nut up and try it....