Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shoe Polish

 When the news broke about the racist remarks of Donald Sterling my first thought was:" I did not hear anything racial on Madmen."
I care less than not-at-all about pro basketball and had never heard of  Donald Sterling. Now I have heard all the reports and today see he is banned form the League for life and has been fined.
The League should add an extra fine just for that appalling dye-job.


Pillar Of Autumn said...

Maybe your readership might appreciate your perception of the situation from a legal standpoint with the dubious nature of the recordings.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Pillar- I can say that it is illegal in Penna. to record s private conversation without the consent and knowledge of the person. As to the subject...I have many thoughts...including : 'So now they are surprised?" This wanker was sanctioned in Federal Court for housing discrimination based on race years ago. Then he gets a NAACp award? This whole thing is awash in PC media circus crap. Beyond that I will say Mr. Jabar's statements were particularly lucid and refeshing on the topic....and will say no more as it is a now win situation nfor a white male no matter what I say.

brohammas said...

I disagree that it is a no win for a white male. I WILL say that thanks to PC white males, and white folks in general do not know how to talk about race... and we have been generally miseducated on how racism works. This results in us saying a lot of stupid things when we do get brave enough to speak.

For example people are upset by the recordings because the guy's words reveal racist views. We are trained to get upset by words. words are informative, but they are just words.
We should have been upset by his deeds, which have been well documented legally. He is a proven racist in court. He controls a lot of money and property and intentionally excluded black people because he thinks them inferior. that is what should have gotten us upset but no... we are too tuned into words.

Very frustrating and very telling of our society.

Main Line Sportsman said...
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