Monday, December 2, 2013


I took my son hunting on Friday after Thanksgiving. We set up for geese in the afternoon , ducks Saturday in the morning and geese for the balance of the day.
The kid in the photo above could just as easily be holding a 20 ga. hunting with his dad.
The time in the blinds this weekend gave me lots of opportunity to talk to my boy at length. Time  has been hard to come by recently as he was preparing for the SAT's and has a busy schedule for school and sports.
There were 7  other guys at the duck hunting club on Friday night....and my 16 year old. He held his own in the company of men. As I have said before, I feel it crucial to immerse my son in the rituals of men. Then he cleaned me out at the poker table Friday night. Maybe the little jerk should stick to his school-work.


Phil Asby said...

Good stuff. I took my 11yo on a 7 mile hike in the Nantahala Forest on Friday. Ate lunch in the woods and came home - got to spend a good 6 hours with him and one day I hope we both look back on times like this one... Cheers to you bringing him up with a respect for the outdoors and sporting endeavors. I'm teaching him to shoot this year as well.

byrdgirl said...

Haha! Great post!