Friday, December 20, 2013


Ok, Phi's comments were not exactly the stuff of tolerance and "political correctness." However, is this bearded Bayou blaster not entitled to his opinions on various issues of faith and sin and the like. I stopped watching 'Duck Dynasty" ages ago when they got away from the emphasis on hunting and turned it into Kardashians in Camo. But this hoopla over his statements in an interview just seems wrong. The guys espoused what he believes. If you do not agree....tune him out.Further, his P.R. machine should have been more vigilant and not let this happen. Do not silence him or ban him...that kind of action reeks of different regimes.....ones that we do not want to be.

I do own several of their excellent duck calls. I also have a fleece lined water and windproof Anorak from Duck Commander that is a staple piece of my hunting kit and has performed wonderfully in the field. So Phil thinks homosexual behavior  is a sin...I could not care less what he thinks on such issues...but I like his gear when it is 25 degrees out and the wind is driving the sleet sideways out in the marsh.


JMW said...

Well said.

RulingPart said...

Watch: they'll do a special where he takes the cast of Glee duck hunting. Not kidding; I'd bet money that's the next move. I'd watch that.

brohammas said...

Yes, we are entitled to opinions and the free expression of those opinions.
That being said, if I am going to rally behind someone keeping their high public profile and huge paychecks in the name of a "religious" belief... I will find someone else to rally behind.
Reducing women's value to their anatomy and denying that black people were mistreated pre-civil rights is by no means grounds for arrest or persecution, but I'm happy to see someone like that lose their million dollar megaphone.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Bro-In a more succinct assesment: Roberson is entitled to his beliefs and opinions...but he is not entitled to a hit TV show. He did not to my knowledge voice these opinions on the show....and he should keep his antiquated beliefs out of his interviews. I am not rallying behind him per se...just pointing out how a guy is being pilloried for stating what he believes. Since you come from that church in Utah...I would think you are sensitive to that issue.

brohammas said...

I am indeed sensitive to that issue. Though I think there would be less need for my sensitivity if we were all more inclined to call stupid for what it is.
I am fully prepared to engage those who see my views as wrong or questionable and am willing to suffer the consequences for my views... what I don't want is for "that guy" to end up being the poster child for what others think I believe in... cuz he aint.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I think it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. I think A&E is going to see they lose big time if they keep him off the really has become a dynasty! Additionally, I find it ironic this is what they have taken him off the show for. It's not as if his eloquence and PC nature got him famous; it's the complete opposite, actually!