Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

 The turkey has been consumed and the carcass is simmering for stock.The only "black" relevant to my Friday is the color of the 3 inch 12 Ga.  BB shells I will be loading in my shotgun hoping to down some geese for the table.
 Today I am heading to the duck hunting club to set up for geese this afternoon and ducks tomorrow at zero dark thirty. I saw and heard lots of geese moving all day yesterday. Hopefully the snotty weather North of us has driven down the migratory stragglers who will find our decoy spread inviting.
 This will be my view from the blind this afternoon.
 The Lehigh v. Lafayette tailgating was splendid. Sadly the school from Easton gave our boys a rather severe spanking :50-28.
Nevertheless, it was great hoisting beers on a cold crisp day in the Lehigh Valley. There is continuity and comfort in seeing guys you have known for 30 years and sharing beer, nips of bourbon, and laughs.


James said...

I am glowing green with envy.

Ell said...

As a college football fan, Lehigh - Lafayette is one of the games I plan on seeing. I see that the 150th game is coming up next year in New York. Would you recommend passing on that one to see the game played on one of the schools' campuses, or making the trip to Yankee Stadium? I've been to NYC, before, so that's not as big a draw as the game would be, for me.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Ell....I would suggest waiting until 2015 when the game is back at Lehigh. The tailgating space is tremendous and it is a better stadium.

Ell said...

I appreciate your feedback. It was between the Lehigh game or Army Navy, so I'll go with Army Navy in 2014, Lehigh-Lafayette in 2015.